Segment One Driver Education

Segment One is an introduction to driving skills and the laws of the road. Important driving principles are imparted through behind-the-wheel instruction, pertinent lectures, class discussions, excellent textbooks, and relevant video resources. Eligibility for Segment One requires a minimum age of 14 years and 8 months.

Each student receives six hours of behind the wheel instruction and four hours of observation in our driver education cars. Our instructors provide a safe opportunity for students to develop their driving skills amidst real life situations on the road. Students are allowed to drive no more then one hour in a day.

Segment One meets for 24 hours of classroom sessions. Each session will be two hours in length and will be held Monday through Thursday for three weeks in a row (12 days). Beginning in September, 2023, Segment One classes will be held Monday through Wednesday for four weeks in a row (12 days). Completion of the course requires each student to pass a 80 question written test with an 70% or better.

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