Defensive Driving Class

Description of Program: The Lenawee County Prosecutor's Office has implemented this program to assist people who are seeking a disposition of their current minor driving violations. The successful completion of this program, including a defensive driving class, will result in the dismissal of the participant's citation or misdemeanor charges. The Lenawee County Defensive Driving Diversion Program is designed to protect the public, promote lawful conduct, and reduce inefficiency in the criminal justice system in Lenawee County, without increasing cost to the taxpayers. The goals of this program are to:

  • Promote Safe Driving. All participants in this program are required to complete a defensive driving course.
  • Promote Driver Responsibility. All participants must have a valid driver's license and automobile insurance policy in effect prior to completion of the program, which will reduce the number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers in Lenawee County.
  • Promote Efficiency in Prosecution. This program is designed to free up valuable court and prosecution resources. ln addition, the program provides motorists charged with offenses an efficient means of disposing of their cases.
BENEFITS TO PARTICIPANTS - Participants will derive the educational benefits of a defensive driving program - Participants may receive a reduction or avoid an increase in vehicle insurance premiums.


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